A to Z Senior Solutions, LLC President and Founder, Angie Brinegar, is a Registered Nurse, BSN, with over 20 years of experience in patient care, management, customer service, coordination of care, as well as working in the real estate business. In addition, she was trained with the Disney Leadership Training, Society of Hospitalist Medicine Leadership Training, and completed the Mini-MBA Program at Rollins University School of Business.

During her role as Vice President of Operations for a Hospitalist Group in Central Florida, Angie was directly involved with many hospitalized patients who were faced with the unexpected need to transition from the hospital setting to either a Skilled Nursing Facility or an Assisted Living Facility due to a decline in their health.  As most of these patients had moved to Florida from up north, many had no family living in the area, and many of these family members who lived up north were unable to come to Florida to assist in the selection of or the transition to the SNF or ALF due to their own employment and/or family commitments.  This meant there was no one in the area available to help with the needs of the home the patient had come from or with the new home the patient would be moving to.  After working with so many family members who were experiencing difficulty and stress in trying to make these arrangements for their family members from a distance, Angie felt passionate about finding a solution to help them through this challenging situation, and ultimately the reason A to Z Senior Solutions, LLC was created.

Angie understands the unique complexities of later-life, and how to help alleviate the stresses that come with home transitioning.  She understands the basic social, emotional, and medical issues related to the senior client.

Her strength in project management and organization, along with her attention to detail and positive attitude will guide you through the process and ensure well-planned, coordinated results.

Our team of caring professionals will help make this transition as smooth and stress-free as possible.  All of us at A to Z Senior Solutions, LLC share a commitment to seniors and are sensitive to the emotions involved in transitioning a home filled with precious memories.

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